Broadcloth Sale

I think every person who has sewn for any period of time has one, a pattern that they would love to make but simply cannot afford the amount of fabric that gos into it. Or maybe you have limited fabric resources and simply can never find anything you like. And hey its almost summer why wear some slinky ryon mix that is going to suffocate you? My solution for you: broadcloth.

I know, I know, how boring is that? Now I want you forever more to look at this very boring fabric as a mere building block for your design. And when you think of it it makes complete sense, I mean come on some prints practically design the garment for you. How lazy is that? These tips can also be used for a plain print fabric.

Step One: Can your garment be two toned? Of the broadcloths what fabric do you like best? Now take that bolt out of the rainbow of fabrics on the shelf. Take others of complimentary colors off one by one. Do any of them work well with your original bolt? Do you have a pattern that has a piece like a yoke, a collar, a sash, a cummerbund or maybe even the center part of a dress with princess seams?

Step Two: In your cart, load up every broadcloth you would consider a possibility and head for the trims. You will be surprised what life and texture the right trim will do for your broadcloth. Spent some time mixing and matching. The reason you should load up your cart first is you never know what you are going to find in the trim section (particularly if it is a limited one.) ย  You may like the green broadcloth best but once you make it over to the trims you find that there is one that matches the blue fabric perfectly. I remember once finding a rose colored sequin trim that gave so much life to the fabric I thought was dull at first. ๐Ÿ™‚

Step Three: Look around you. Remember every bolt of fabric in the store can be used to make trim, fabric flowers, tassels, bias tape (don’t overlook the plaids here), ย piping, self-fabric beading, a strip of fabric ruffles, a pleated trim and so on. Rememberย  not to neglect the formal fabric section, you may not wear a satin gown during the day, but you may wear a satin flower or cotton dress with a lace inset.

Your design inspiration: The fabric elaborate fabric trims of rococo gowns, pictured above are from The Kyoto Costume Institute.

Your design excuse: Hey its springs new “minimalism”, which also happens to be super cool in summer’s hot weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Le Penseur: How is it done? HAREM PANTS.

Today’s issue of Le Penseur: How is it done? Is focused quite naturally on my latest obsession. Which there is a kind of irony to. Have you ever had a trend that you took to the moment people stopped talking about them? Well for me that trend is the harem pant trend. Last spring when everyone started Oooing and awing over pants that had the crouch at the knees – I had to control an urge to vomit. But this year after seeing these flirty and highly drool worthy ones on Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey. I decided I must make a pair tout de suite! So can I make this costume into something wearable for 2011. Sounds like its time for another edition ofย Le Penseur: How is it done? HAREM PANTS.

Ok, first let me say that anything with a baggy crouch or gathers at the waist is right out! No – not having it. That’s not going to flatter anyone. With that established lets look at some styles. I love the flow of the first three, the only draw back being that they are made from knits and there might be that problem of feeling I’m going out in glorified sweatpants. Well ok, the pair on the top right are wool cashmere stretch but thats hardly practical. Especially for summer. So a lightweight non-stretch would be best. Perhaps some sort of faille? Or some sort of cotton or silky material? The cotton would obviously be worm more often…

Now that the fabric has been established. What about fit and design? An important consideration for me is I want to feel comfortable in them. I don’t want to feel like I am wearing a costume! Thats where the bottom three come in, with zippers and pockets I wont feel like I got lost from off the set of Arabian Knights. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love the bow detail on the gray pair and the wide waist band on the top right give them a modern feel.

As to color, most seem pretty neutral, your already making a statement with the pants – no need to go overboard!

With these considerations I’ll let you know what I come up with. ๐Ÿ™‚

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A new banner for the CoutureCornerBlog and for CoutureCornerShop. I have just spent the last hour..or two…making them. And let me just say – making graphics for your own layout is 10x easier than making little banners for someone else’s! Ah well can’t be helped I suppose.

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The first step: Dress for the occasion!

A few days ago I was raiding my closet in search of something (that I believe was never found), what I DID find however my my old ice skating outfit. Perhaps I didn’t know it then but the fact that I bought one after only a few months of lessons may have been a sign that it was not the Olympics that would be my future destiny. SO when I found the Dancing with the Stars workout dvds at the store the other day I decided it was about time I crossed learning to dance off the old bucket list. -Of course I chose the one with the dreaded quickstep, because I *heart* pain. ๐Ÿ™‚ ANYWAY, while I was dancing away in my basketball, kick-butt outfit I felt I could do with something a little more “feminine” so explains todays tutorial muster: dance skirts. I wanted something like this or like this, but perhaps simpler…no need to go through too much fuss yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tango Dress

Just got a request for suggestions for a tango dress for a young lady’s prom. It was tricky finding one that both looked tango and looked like formal wear, not athletic competition wear. So in the end this gave me a reason to spend the evening looking at pretty dace dresses, (like I needed one!), which I love the flow and detail work of. Here were my top pics, first the final recommendation:

I thought this one would be great, perhaps with a less loud fabric though..

And of course I loves me some fringe – I have never done it though, its on my to-do list!

And of course classic black lace – thought it might be a little “old” for prom though. :/

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Wallet Muster

Ug. Just got back from my least favorite place in the cosmos….no not Wal-Mart…the much dreaded DMV. DA DA DOOM. Anyway the license that was lost last week is now replaced and I thought I might beable to cheer myself up with some wallet related crafting goodness. Enjoy.

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